Why Cape Town?

As a student of Susquehanna University, I knew that I would have to embark on a cross-cultural experience. For some this experience was merely a part of the curriculum, but for me I wanted it to be an adventure. The first part of choosing my destination was my decision to GO Long. Personally, I figured I would have a more meaningful experience if I were to stay for an entire semester rather than a few weeks. Once I decided that I wanted to spend a semester away I began to think about what regions of the world interested me. I’m not the best Spanish-speaker so I opted away from Spanish speaking countries. European countries didn’t spark my interest much so I decided that I wanted to study in Africa or Asia.
 It was also important that I chose to study somewhere that appealed to my interests. As someone who is very passionate about social justice, I wanted to go somewhere with a rich history and a place where I would be politically intrigued and eager to get involved with the local community. I also wanted to go somewhere I would be taken out of my comfort zone and be able to learn valuable life lessons. A friend of mine had just returned from studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and suggested it to me. After doing more research I determined that Cape Town would be the perfect place for me. Not only does Cape Town have beautiful landscapes, but it also has an intense history that I couldn’t wait to learn more about.
So after much deliberation, I decided that I would spend the Fall semester of my Junior year at the University of Cape Town. Its a decision that I am very proud of and I know that this upcoming semester will be one that I will remember for life.

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