Spring Break in September?

A popular misconception that many students have about studying abroad is that the course load will be easy. After spending weeks stressed out and buried in school work, I would beg to differ. Thankfully this week was “spring break” here at UCT. A lot of my family and friends were confused about how I was having spring break in September. South Africa is in the Southern Hemisphere. So technically I arrived in the winter, during their spring semester. Technicalities aside, I had a week all to myself with plenty of exploring to do! I also had the personal goal of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new.



Muizenburg is a beautiful beach town that is about a 20 minute car ride from where I’m staying. Its famous for its colorful beachshacks, as seen above, and for being an excellent place for surfing!

file (4)

Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf. But growing up in Philly, I never really had access to a beach where surfing was an option. Muizenburg was amazing! My friends and I also found a good deal where we could rent a surfboard and wet suit for only 100 Rand (the equivalent of $7).

file1 (2).jpeg

file (3).jpeg

I think I did an okay job for my first time, I didn’t last long but I definitely enjoyed myself.



About a month ago I found a coupon for paragliding and the deal was too good to pass up. Although I am extremely afraid of heights, I was super excited. I booked my flight with a company called Para-Taxi who were super accommodating.  I met them on Signal Hill and suddenly a wave of nervousness washed over me. The pilot was very nice and helped me calm down, assuring me that it was safe and I would enjoy it. After waiting for the other flying to go, it was my turn. The pilot hooked me into the harness and told me to run with him off of the hillside as fast as I could go. Once we started running, the wind picked us up and we were flying over Cape Town!

So far my time in Cape Town has really opened my eyes and allowed me to try new things. It’s an experience that I will forever be grateful for and I will always cherish this spring break.


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