Around Cape Town: Long Street

Located in the center of the city, Long Street is a cosmopolitan hub located in the center of the city. It’s an excellent place for a night on the town with great restaurants, nightclubs and shopping. It also home to Hiddingh Hall, UCT’s Performance and Arts campus. Hiddingh Hall is a twenty minute bus ride from Main Campus and I go there three times a week for my Art History course. Being there during the day I’ve had the opportunity to appreciate the small, beautiful things about the area.


file3 (1)

One day after class I stumbled upon this outdoor marketplace. They sell locally made art installations, clothing and other goods. It is the perfect place to buy souvenirs (although I’ve challenged myself to postpone buying them until the end of my trip). If your’e lucky you’ll also be treated to a wonderful live performance by local musicians.

file2 (2)
The exterior of a West African restaurant
file1 (3)
The stairwell of a wonderful Ethiopian place. I love the small intricate details of the tile on the walls.





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