Healthy habits while studying abroad

As a city girl, I’ve never been one to get excited about outdoor activities. However, spending time in South Africa has definitely changed that. Many of my housemates embark on hikes, and for a large portion of my time here I declined their invitations to join. (I also suffer from a chronic pain condition and was worried that I would not physically be able to keep up with them). But one day my roommate and I, along with two of our friends decided that we would take a nice easy paced hike. We hiked from the Rhodes Memorial, which is not too far from our house, and hiked on a simple trail that was not too difficult. I was also excited because if your lucky you can see a herd of zebras on the range. Unfortunately the zebras weren’t out on that specific day but the views were absolutely amazing. Overall, the entire hike lasted about two and a half hours and once I completed it I felt very accomplished. My new goal is to hike the entire Table Mountain before the end of my trip. I haven’t made it up there yet, but when I went Paragliding off of Signal Hill, I was able to get some very picturesque tourist pictures.



After completing the hike I began to reflect on other healthy habits that I’ve picked up since being here. The most obvious would have to be my eating habits. As I mentioned in my previous post the dollar is much stronger than the rand, so its been much easier for me to afford fruits and vegetables. Even when I order out, I have grown accustomed to getting curry and rice which is way more healthier than the super greasy foods I would normally eat at home. Having access so many open markets and fresh produce stands is definitely something I’m going to miss.  Hopefully I will be able to maintain these new habits and continue them even after I return to the states!


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