Kayaking with Whales in Hermanus (and UCT update)

Another say, another Arcadia-sponsored excursion! I must admit I really am going to miss these trips. We left our house at 6:30am, which was considerably early but I enjoyed a nice nap on the drive there. Once we arrived in Hermanus we were separated into two groups: experienced kayakers and first timers. Since it was my first time kayaking (in the ocean nonetheless…) I opted to go with the second group. As you can imagine I was super nervous. It was very windy so the waves were choppy and we were kayaking so far that the instructor said the water was about eight stories deep. Thankfully I ended up partnering with my friend Grace who is an expert kayaker. After getting into our life jackets we began to row out. I was surprised by my arm strength as we paddled for about 45 minutes to an hour. During our time in the water we passed a pod of seals. They were showing off for the company and doing tricks in the water. I also saw a glimpse of a whale and her calf on our way back to shore.


UCT Update:

As I mentioned in my previous post, UCT is currently experiencing a revival of the #FeesMustFall movement. I attended an assembly on Wednesday that acted as an open forum for the student body and administration. It was very interesting to hear the words of the activists as well as the faculty that supports them. The cost of education, mental health, curriculum and many other topics were discussed. As one could expect, very little was resolved from this meeting. Although classes were officially resumed I did not attend my classes or tutorial meetings on Thursday. The Jammie shuttles were temporarily shut down so I had no way of getting to my class on Hiddingh campus (and considering the distance I did not want to Uber). Thankfully, my professor was very understanding and allowed us to reschedule our presentations. There were also protests on campus that resulted in an American student being arrested, which reminded me that although I agree with the cause it is best for me to keep my distance in terms of protests. I am approaching my last week of classes, with finals starting next week so I am interested to see how everything plays out.


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