At The Top of Table Mountain

I made it! I finally got to the top of Table Mountain (kind of). Rather than taking a 3.5 hour hike in the immense heat, I opted to make it to the top via cable car. While in line for the cable car I learned a lot of interesting information. Did you know that Table Mountain is one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature? Along with Komodo Island (Indonesia), The Amazon, Halong Bay (Vietnam), Jeju Island (South Korea), Puerto Princesa (Philippines), and Igazu Falls (Brazil/Argentina). After a considerable wait in line, we finally boarded the cable car. The cable cars fit about 65 people and revolved as we made our way up, allowing for everyone to have the chance to see the amazing views.


Once I got to the top, I began to understand why it is considered a wonder. Although it was cloudy on one side of the mountain, you could see the entire city. My fear of heights was temporarily halted as I looked down. There were lizards running around and beautiful flowers and shrubs dispersed around. It felt nice to be surrounded by nature and fresh air.



My trip to Table Mountain was also pretty bittersweet. I always told myself that it was something I had to do before I left. As I enter my last week in Cape Town before returning to the U.S I can’t help but reflect on my time here. There have been plenty of times during this trip that I was forced out of my comfort zone, (physically and socially). I am definitely leaving this country was an improved outlook on life. I’m not sure what my last week has in store (other than my last few finals) but I am definitely looking forward to it. Surprisingly, I’m also really looking forward to coming home. Being away for four consecutive months is a lot, but I miss my friends and family and its time for me to come home.


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