My Last Weekend in Cape Town

There were many bittersweet moments this past weekend as I bid farewell to many of my favorite spots in Cape Town.

1. Old Biscuit Mill

One of my first posts was about the wonder that is Old Biscuit Mill. After waking up later than the rest of my housemates (pulling an all-nighter for an upcoming exam), I met my friend at an essential oil stand. I decided to try some out for myself, purchasing a bottle of Bergamot to use when I return home. It was hard for me to decide what I wanted my last meal at OBM to be. I finally decided on macaroni and cheese balls, a shawarma and homemade, vanilla and honey infused apple juice. Needless to say, it was absolutely amazing. Although you can find outdoor markets anywhere in the world, there was something special about OBM. Its world-renowned, with tourists visiting from all over. There is also a unique sense of community.

download (1)

2. Mizoli’s

Mizoli’s is another world-renowned weekend hot spot. Located in the heart of Gugulethu, Mizoli’s is a great place to enjoy braai and have fun with friends. My roommate and I went together to enjoy each others company before we part ways on Friday. Since we went on our own, we were able to have the full experience. You begin by walking into the butcher shop, where the fresh meat awaits you. Then you give your order and pay (I ordered a few chicken wings and a steak). After paying, you are given your meat (still raw) on a plate and you take it to the back where it will be barbecued. Once our food finished we walked to the social reception area where there was music and everyone was having a good time.

3. Festival in Obz

There was also a festival happening in Obz! The festival had food trucks, vendors and live music. The vibe was amazing and I was able to enjoy the music from local bands and pick up souvenirs for friends and family.

download (3)


I also spent some time walking around the neighborhood. Cape Town is finally starting to have summer weather and its been sunny and windy. Since I’ll be going home to a harsh PA winter, I am enjoying the warmth while I can.


download (2)

With finals keeping me busy I haven’t found the time to start packing. Or am I procrastinating because I don’t want to say goodbye? Although I am excited to return home, I can’t help but feel a little sad about leaving. There’s so much more to see and do and I hope I’ll be able to return one day.  My flight leaves in the early afternoon on Friday, so I’m trying to absorb as much as I can during my few days left. I am definitely going to miss this place.



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