Old Biscuit Mill

Old Biscuit Mill is a lovely open market place located in Woodstock, Cape Town. Every Saturday they host the Neighborhood Market where vendors sell their goods and shoppers are treated to amazing live music. One of my favorite parts about OBM is the food. There are so many options! From traditional South African cuisine to… Continue reading Old Biscuit Mill

Fly Time

One of the most exhausting parts of preparing to study abroad had to be finding a suitable flight. Arcadia (my 3rd party provider), required that we arrive in Cape Town before noon on our arrival date so that limited my flight options. I found a promising flight with Air Qatar that would allow me to arrive in Cape Town at the… Continue reading Fly Time

Why Cape Town?

As a student of Susquehanna University, I knew that I would have to embark on a cross-cultural experience. For some this experience was merely a part of the curriculum, but for me I wanted it to be an adventure. The first part of choosing my destination was my decision to GO Long. Personally, I figured… Continue reading Why Cape Town?